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Spherical Plain

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Spherical plains are kinds of sliding bearings consisting of an inner ring (namely ball) with a sphered outer surface and an outer ring (namely housing) with a sphered inner surface. For GE and SB both inner and outer ring are made of carbon chromium bearing steel which is heated and precision ground to minimize friction of contacting surfaces. In case of JS and JET, the outer ring is manufactured from medium carbon steel and the inner ring, carbon chromium bearing steel. They are different from how to lubricate each other. For JETS both rings' material is stainless steel. On the whole the spherical surface of the inner ring is polished and finished like a mirror and the outside diameter of the outer ring is minimized so it is easy to insert in even small area.
The spherical plain bearings are particularly suitable for the accomodation of heavy radial loads. They are generally used for axial arrangements in which there is a certain misalignment of the shaft or in which tilting or rotational, oscillatory motions with relatively slow sliding velocities occur. They can also endure a certain amount of thrust load in both axial direction.