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Urethane Bearing

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Urethane Bearing

│ Description │

The polyurethane tread has been chemically bonded onto a standard ball bearing to produce a high-quality wheel. Due to high demand, we can now ship standard Poly-Covered Bearings quickly! Bando is pleased to announce that our Poly-Covered Bearings are now available. It is versatile to use to various areas. The polyurethane can decrease the noise of the friction between the bearings' outer ring and the contacted parts. Also, the polyurethane's specific performance can absorb the vibration-impact.


│ Dimension │

1. KMC-606ZZ-> D: 6mm, A: 21mm, B: 8mm (covered by polyacetal)
2. KUR-608ZZ-> D: 8mm, C: 22mm, A: 27mm, B: 7mm (covered by urethane)
3. KUR-6000ZZ-> D: 10mm, C: 26mm, A: 32mm, B: 7mm (covered by urethane)
4. KUR-6001ZZ-> D:12mm, C: 28mm, A: 35mm B: 8mm (covered by urethane)
5. KUR-6002ZZ-> D: 15mm, C: 32mm A: 41mm, B: 9mm (covered by urethane)
6. KMC-6002ZZ-> D: 15mm, A: 35.5mm, B: 11mm (covered by polyacetal)

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Urethane Bearing